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The MERKUR GROUP (MERKUR Division) has several entities represented on the island, MERKUR eSOLUTIONS Malta Ltd is there to support, guide and monitor these operations. We offer shared services solutions to all our entities of the group. We are the one stop shop for anyone wanting to connect with the Group, this ranging from people reaching out to be employed, to becoming a customer of any of our successful entities.



And that means having a background of years of experience in the gambling industry. Does that sound like a safe bet to you? Then dive into our world and get to know the exciting fields of work that our corporate group offers.


MERKUR eSOLUTIONS - Equal Opportunity Employer

In June 2023, MERKUR eSOLUTIONS Malta Ltd was awarded the Equality Mark Certification by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) in Malta. We strive to implement relevant policies and practices that concern gender equality and family friendly measures at the place of work and in the access to and provision of goods and services.

Our Companies

MERKUR eSOLUTIONS forms the umbrella for all online companies of the MERKUR GROUP and combines decades of experience in the landbase business with the online world. In Malta, MERKUR eSOLUTIONS offers a variety of services to our B2B entities. We are fully committed to state-of-the-art omnichannel solutions with a true B2B passion.

EPG Financial Services Limited is a payments services provider and e-wallet institution as licensed by the MFSA. The company offers a unique solution to gaming companies and other merchants through its Paylado app, which is an e-wallet allowing interfacing between physical money and digital transactions. The company holds offices in Malta, Germany; Greece and Bulgaria, and has a strong focus on technology, quality and innovation.

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Betterlore is an innovative, up-and-coming company in the online gaming industry which is part-owned by the MERKUR GROUP. The company offers "remote penny-pusher" services allowing interfacing of physical hardware with the software solutions. Betterlore was founded in 2018. At the end of 2020, the company was granted a gaming license (so called "Critical Supplier Licence") in Malta for the Betterlore Pusher.

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Edict Malta Limited is a B2B provider of Edict as well as MERKUR online slot games. We work in tandem with our sister companies edict egaming GmbH in Germany and Alliance Gaming Solutions Limited in the Isle of Man to bring Group as well as third party content to operators in the industry.

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Bede is the first choice supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries. We offer world class platforms for the online gambling industry. We power some of the market’s biggest brands, processing hundreds of millions of transactions per month. Bede provides operators with innovative solutions to achieve their digital ambitions. Built on a single-code base and API-led, mean that our products act as the enabler to operatiors' online objectives.

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Solar Operations is a brand new star in the portfolio of companies in the MERKUR GROUP. Among the 10 first companies with a German licence for online slot games, Solar Operations is proud to offer a constantly increasing number of payment methods and more importantly an ever-growing number of games from various game providers.

Solis Ortus Service Ltd. is a new B2C online venture within the MERKUR GROUP that was founded in June 2021. Under its domain name CrazyBuzzer, the online venture operates an online gambling platform for virtual slot machine games and sports betting.




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